Imagine having beautifully designed eyebrows, stunning defined eyes and gorgeous looking lips 24 hours a day all totally smear proof and flawless with no effort.

People of all ages are experiencing the benefits and the difference semi-permanent makeup can make to their lives. If your desire is to look fabulous, then a visit to Denise is the answer.

When applied by a professionally skilled technician, like Denise who has been trained by Finishing Touches and Nouveau Contour, semi-permanent make-up can achieve life-changing results. The technique is simple, safe and revolutionary and will enhance your natural beauty.

Denise offers an array of treatments.


Microblading is a form of tattooing. Unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine.


Perfectly shaped eyebrows frame your face and emphasis your eyes bringing warmth and depth. Natural hair stroke eyebrows give a youthful lifted brow effect whilst the shape is designed to complement your natural features.

Short eyebrows can be lengthened, thin or sparse eyebrows can be given more fullness and a thicker shape, and asymmetrical eyebrows can be corrected. Denise will give you beautiful eyebrows that transform your face and eyes.

The Eyes

Eyes are the windows to your soul – the most expressive and defining feature to your face. Semi-permanent makeup can enhance your eyes by having perfectly applied smudge proof and flawless make-up 24 hours a day.

Subtle top lash enhancement, either on its own or complemented by a lower liner will result in making the eyes look larger with thicker lashes- a look many women desire. Eyeliner can also be applied tailored to your exact taste.

A wide range of colours are available to suit every eye colour and skin tone.


The lips can be the most beautiful and sensual feature on a woman’s face. Emphasising the fullness or perfecting the shape can create a more softer and youthful appearance. Your lips can be lined in natural or defined colours to create a more fuller lip.

Lips can also be tinted completely to create a perfect overall natural lip colour and also a remarkable anti-aging effect.

Micro-pigmentation implanted into the dermal layer of the skin, leaving a make-up effect that will last for around 3-5 years. Being Vamps resident Semi-Permanent specialist with 10 years’ experience Denise is always on hand to work closely with clients, giving you the confidence that you can call in anytime to discuss treatments.

Microbladed Eyebrows £250.00
Consultation (deductable from treatment) £25.00
Eyebrows full enhancement £320.00
Eyeliner Top £200.00
Eyeliner bottom £175.00
Eyeliner top & bottom £300.00
Lipliner £320.00
Lipliner & lip blush £375.00
Full lip colour £425.00
Beauty Spot £75.00

A free of charge follow up treatment is included with all the make-up treatments.

(A patch test for pigment & topical anesthetic is required 24 hours prior to this treatment)